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i need to stop

because i get depressingly unoriginal when i can't think of things to write, and because armourlet is good at things:

Tell me about a story you wish I would write (or that you wish would exist).

the proper formula for this sort of thing should include "if you were to write me a story fitted to my needs, it would include (insert character) and (insert secondary character), (insert trope/situation), (insert secondary trope/situation), and end with (insert satisfactory ending).

or you can just send me random requests. that works, too.
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it's that time, again!

This is the part where I strongly encourage you to join up for phase/round/whatever 3 of writerverse. And by strongly encourage, I do actually mean it. It was a lot of fun for me last round/phase/thinger, and I actually ended up writing quite a bit!

I'm in Team Poetry (death to Team Prose), so if you wanna be on the same team, request Team Poetry when you sign up! this team is the best team

Plus! If anyone on my f-list signs up and drops me a comment here, I'll write you a fic/story of your request or make you some banners & icons. Either or. Or both, really.

shh just join