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i can't get to sleep;

you'll haunt me there.

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Jessica Nicole
31 August

this isn't easy
living with this ache

My name is Jessica Nicole, but my friends call me Jess. I'm 17 years old, live outside of Indianapolis, Indiana; currently enrolled in high school. I'm painfully shy (in real life, anyways; on the internet, I pretend to be friendly). I live in a state of perpetual exhaustion and annoyance. I enjoy YA fiction (especially of the dystopian genre), rainy beaches, San Francisco, down comforters, and long walks on the internet.

you glance away
feels like shattered glass

I have a lot of fandoms. You can find a comprehensive list (including ships, favorite characters, etc.) here. I also make graphics, including icons, banners, and profile codes; they can be found at my graphics community vaguelyunpoetic. I'm also a maker at awsumlicious.
the world seems to pause
when a heart breaks

I also write my own original fiction, the majority of which is posted on my creative works community, randesplendant. It's members-only, so if you want to read anything, you'll need to join the community. I also maintain a separate journal for writing called embrhys, though I post there about as often as I post on my personal journal (learntodance), which is to say, hardly ever. If you're looking for the journal that I post the most at, this is the droid you're looking for. You'll find most of my entries to be unlocked, but if you really want to see everything, shoot me a comment over here, or just send me a PM (if you're shy).

broken hearts don't really heal
but the pain fades with time

profile code: palebird
layout: fleeting_days
tumblr: we-are-not-soldiers
twitter: distantfridays
goodreads: exit-sign

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